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Game info:
Stardew Valley: 1.3.28 on MacOS Unix
SMAPI: 2.7
Folder: /Users/quinosullivan/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Contents/MacOS
Log started: 2018-10-10 12:39 UTC ({{localTimeStarted}} your time)

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game 1.3.28 no errors
SMAPI 2.7 Pathoschild no errors
Console Commands 2.7 SMAPI no errors
Save Backup 2.7 SMAPI no errors
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13:39:37 INFO SMAPI SMAPI 2.7 with Stardew Valley 1.3.28 on MacOS Unix
13:39:37 DEBUG SMAPI Mods go here: /Users/quinosullivan/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Contents/MacOS/Mods
13:39:37 TRACE SMAPI Log started at 2018-10-10T12:39:37 UTC
13:39:37 DEBUG SMAPI Starting game...
13:39:50 TRACE SMAPI Detecting common issues...
13:39:50 TRACE SMAPI Loading mod metadata...
13:39:50 TRACE SMAPI Loading mods...
13:39:50 TRACE SMAPI Console Commands (ConsoleCommands/ConsoleCommands.dll)...
13:39:50 TRACE SMAPI Save Backup (SaveBackup/SaveBackup.dll)...
13:39:50 INFO SMAPI Loaded 2 mods:
13:39:50 INFO SMAPI Console Commands 2.7 by SMAPI | Adds SMAPI console commands that let you manipulate the game.
13:39:50 INFO SMAPI Save Backup 2.7 by SMAPI | Automatically backs up all your saves once per day into its folder.
13:39:50 TRACE Save Backup Adding 2018-10-10 - SMAPI 2.7 with Stardew Valley
13:39:50 INFO SMAPI Type 'help' for help, or 'help <cmd>' for a command's usage
13:39:50 TRACE SMAPI Checking for updates...
13:39:50 TRACE game Signing into GalaxySDK
13:39:51 TRACE SMAPI SMAPI okay.
13:39:51 TRACE SMAPI Checking for updates to 2 mods...
13:39:51 TRACE SMAPI All mods up to date.
13:39:51 TRACE game Galaxy auth success
13:39:51 TRACE game Galaxy signed in
13:39:51 TRACE game Galaxy logged on
13:40:33 TRACE game gameMode was 'titleScreenGameMode (0)', set to 'loadingMode (6)'.
13:40:33 TRACE SMAPI Game loader synchronising...
13:40:33 TRACE game getLoadEnumerator('Quin_198812363')
13:40:38 TRACE game gameMode was 'loadingMode (6)', set to 'playingGameMode (3)'.
13:40:38 TRACE SMAPI Game loader done.
13:40:38 TRACE SMAPI Context: loaded saved game 'Quin_198812363', starting spring 1 Y1. Single-player.
13:43:52 TRACE SMAPI Disposing...
13:43:52 TRACE SMAPI Disposing the content coordinator. Content managers will no longer be usable after this point.
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